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Local AreaChari Chanch and great rann of kutch
Date 11 December 2005
TimeWhole day
NotesTour Details: Arpit, Bhatia, and Meethil. Date: 11th December 2005 Interesting sightings: 1. Houbara Bustard near Bhirindiyari. 2. Grey Hypocolious near Fulay. I accompanied my wildlife photographer friends in order to catch glimpses of the Great Rann of Kutch wildlife. We were three of us myself, yashodhan bhatia, and meethil momaya. We had great sightings of 2 Houbara Bustards at Bhirindiyara in Great Rann of Kutch and other birds likes wheatears, whitethroats, etc in the morning to afternoon. We also had a great sighting of Grey Hyapocolius at Chari - Fulay in Great Rann of Kutch area. Also in Chari Dhandh area we had very good views of Steppe and Tawny Eagles....This area is blooming with raptors all around you....

Bird NameScientific NameCountDoubtfulHeardNotes
Steppe Eagle(Aquila nipalensis)
White-eyed Buzzard(Butastur teesa)
Black-winged Kite(Elanus caeruleus)
Oriental Honey-buzzard(Pernis ptilorhyncus)Pernis ptilorhynchus
Common Kestrel(Falco tinnunculus)
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse(Pterocles exustus)
Black-headed Ibis(Threskiornis melanocephalus)
Spotted Dove(Streptopelia chinensis)
Laughing Dove(Streptopelia senegalensis)
Indian Roller(Coracias benghalensis)
Little Green Bee-eater(Merops orientalis)
Grey Francolin(Francolinus pondicerianus)
Rufous-tailed Lark(Ammomanes phoenicurus)
Greater Short-toed Lark(Calandrella brachydactyla)
Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark(Eremopterix grisea)
Crested Lark(Galerida cristata)
Tawny Lark(Galerida deva)
Ashy Prinia(Prinia socialis)
Black Drongo(Dicrurus macrocercus)
Red-rumped Swallow(Hirundo daurica)
Wire-tailed Swallow(Hirundo smithii)
Grey Hypocolius(Hypocolius ampelinus)
Desert Wheatear(Oenanthe deserti)
Isabelline Wheatear(Oenanthe isabellina)
Variable Wheatear(Oenanthe picata)
Pied Wheatear(Oenanthe pleschanka)
Indian Robin(Saxicoloides fulicata)
White-throated Silverbill(Lonchura malabarica)
House Sparrow(Passer domesticus)
Red-vented Bulbul(Pycnonotus cafer)
Himalayan Bulbul(Pycnonotus leucogenys)
Bank Myna(Acridotheres ginginianus)
Brahminy Starling(Sturnus pagodarum)Temenuchus pagodarum
Rosy Starling(Sturnus roseus)Pastor roseus
Booted Warbler(Hippolais caligata)
Lesser Whitethroat(Sylvia curruca)
Common Babbler(Turdoides caudatus)
Eurasian Hoopoe(Upupa epops)